Why Play Works: We’re wired for play – So do it!


I had a lot of fun chatting with Tzuki Stewart, Co-Founder at Playfilled, on the latest episode of Why Play Works! 🎉🎧⁠ ⁠

Our conversation delves into the importance of embracing your inner joker, the value of experience over words, and how adding a dash of playfulness can enhance just about anything.⁠


Gary Ware needs curiosity, exploration and imagination in his life. How can we bring these qualities into our day to day life?

Gary grew up as the class clown and got into a lot of mischief. As he got older and became an adult he suppressed his playful side. His goals became the standard that society set; go to university and get a good job. But he felt unfulfilled.

He unintentionally rediscovered his playful side from an improv class where he played silly games to be a better storyteller.

Through co-running his own digital marketing agency he involved play in everything. Until he was sidelined by his business partner who didn’t buy into this methodology.

From this setback he started on the path of facilitation and bringing playful methods to others. He is now a Strategic Play Consultant and created his company, Breakthrough Play.

Things to consider

  • The overarching meaning of play is to do something for the sake of it – we’re wired for play
  • Adults think play is something is frivolous or what kids do and feel guilty for feeling playful
  • Don’t judge yourself when indulging in play
  • How to sell play to corporate clients by not telling them about play
  • Rebel against the status quo – play is the answer, not more hard work