The New Story Is with Dave Ursillo: The Power of Play to Overcome Chronic Stress and Burn-Out with Gary Ware

Play is essential for healthy human growth and development. But despite the benefits, many adults lose their sense of play. Why?

Gary Ware is a Strategic Play Consultant, corporate facilitator, keynote speaker, certified coach, and author who helps individuals and teams integrate play into their daily business.

He was featured as one of the Top 100 HR influencers of 2021 by the Engagedly HR software platform, and is the author of the book, Playful Rebellion: Maximize Workplace Success Through The Power of Play.

After 14 years in the corporate world, Gary’s experience with burnout led him to discover that his life, and his work, were missing play.

With benefits ranging from improved mood, increased creativity, more self-confidence, and psychological trust, today, Gary uses the power of applied improvisation and other playful methods to help teams and organizations discover the benefits of play.

In this interview, Gary shares his discoveries and experiences in teaching the power of play, including:

  • How remembering to play as adults can create and preserve crucial levels of psychological safety, especially in the workplace
  • The neurochemical benefits of play on productivity, mood, and building interpersonal trust
  • What a society that values play could look like—and how we can each get started