About Gary

Strategic Play Consultant

“I don’t think of work as work and play as play it’s all living.” – Sir Richard Branson

About Gary

Gary Ware is a creative yet strategic Play Consultant that was brought here to make your life even better than it already is. By day, Gary helps companies and professionals level up their skills, and by night he is an improv comedian. In between all of Gary’s passions, his most desirous one is helping people become the best versions of themselves through fun and entertainment. Now that you know that Gary is—indeed—a real person let’s hear more about why he created Breakthrough Play.

Why Did I Create Breakthrough Play?

In working with young professionals and pulling from my own experiences, I realized that something was missing in my life. After experiencing burnout after burnout in my pursuit for success and happiness, I realized that what was missing was Play. As adults, we often feel that “play” is childish or something that is a distraction. After taking an improv class over five years ago, I realized that when you play, your life just works better. So, I created this site to share the ways that you can incorporate play into your life and experience how it can improve all areas of your life; from relationships to confidence, to creativity.

The Goal of Breakthrough Play

My vision is to help ambitious professionals like yourself live a life of play. Society places pressures on us, making us feel like in order to be a productive citizen, we need to be glued to a desk for hours on end. We use the word “busy” like it is a badge of honor, and this needs to stop! I know first hand that this is not true, and I want to help you realize that as well. I want to help you reach your breakthrough moment while playing and having a great time. After all, we only have one life, let’s have fun while living it!

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