Saving money can be a difficult thing to do. With so many gadgets, gizmos and other material things that we are told that we need to have, it can be tempting to spend all of our money at one time. However, sometimes the best course of action is to say no thanks and walk away from the latest thing that we feel like we need.

Your Computer Or Phone Will Always Be A Step Behind

In a world where technology improves at a rapid pace, your computer or smartphone is always going to be a step behind the latest and greatest on the market. This means that you should avoid the urge to upgrade your phone or buy a new laptop just because the new model is slightly faster or has one more feature than your current device has. If you are a gadget geek like myself this maybe hard, but it is possible. Instead if you REALLY want that new iPhone open a savings account for special purchases and put aside a little money per month till you have enough to buy it without throwing off your finances.

Never Buy A New Car

New cars depreciate the second that you drive them off the dealer lot. Do yourself a favor by searching for a quality used car or not buying a newer vehicle until your current one has been run into the ground. When you drive a used car, you can generally save money on insurance as well because you won’t need collision or comprehensive coverage on an older vehicle.

Avoid The Credit Cards At All Cost

A good rule of thumb is that you only have one credit card for emergencies or to build your credit history. While the average American has three or more credit cards in their wallet or purse, this can lead to the accumulation of significant debt. When you say no to credit cards, you are making it easier for yourself to save money because you aren’t tempted to spend money that you don’t actually have. Let’s be honest saying no to the things that you want is never any fun, but on the flip-side I feel living a life of stress that comes from living paycheck to paycheck is a lot worse. Here’s one last tip that can help calm the need to buy the latest and greatest; Put it in a list and let it cool for 30 days. After a month if you still feel like you need it, and you can buy it responsibly have at it. Is there something you wanted, but took the high road and turned down? Leave me a comment and tell me your story. Image Source:]]>