iPhone money tracking apps, so as a followup here are 4 money apps for our Android friends: Money Lover – Expense Manager – Android Apps on Google Play Money Lover is a great app available to Android user that allows you to track spending and create budgets.  You can add expenses and income in a variety of categories.  You can even customize your categories for your own personal needs.  On top of that, you get other handy features like reminders to pay bills and a financial calendar. [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="105"]English: Budget and Spending (Photo credit: Wikipedia)[/caption]  EasyMoney – Expense Manager – Android Apps on Google Play The Easy Money app for Android combines several functions into one great app.  It gives you a detailed look at your finances and spending habits.  The interface is simple and easy to use and you get graphs and reports to make it easier to figure out what you have been doing with your money and what you need to do with your money.  The bill reminder will keep you on top of things so that you never have late fees again.  You can even store your invoices and bills digitally just by taking a picture of them. CWMoney Expense Track – Android Apps on Google Play The CWMoney Expese Track for Android users has many features that you’ll  love.  You can manage several different accounts and different currencies, set your monthly budget and get pie charts to get a visual picture of your budget.  You can also export all of your data in an Excel or CSV file or you can back it up to Google Drive or Dropbox. Mint.com Personal Finance – Android Apps on Google Play The Mint.com Personal Finance app for Android users is so good that it has won several awards including Google Play Best Apps of 2012, 6 Best Banking and Budget Apps of 2012 from CNN Money, and WIRED App Guide’s Best Personal Finance App for 2012 This app allows you to manage your money from anywhere.  You can categorize your transactions, track all of your spending, and monitor your budget.  If you’re using the app from a tablet you can even view your info offline.  You can get alerts via text or email for bills and fees and if balances are low.]]>