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ScottLost_profileToday on the show we interview Scott Lost. Scott is a pro wrestler turn comic book artist. Scott takes us through how he was able to successfully launch his comic book series The 2nd Shift on Kickstarter. The Second Shift  is unlike any other hero themed comic books. The story is about young super heroes who are normal people with typical jobs. All four are livng in a one bedroom apartment with an ’88 Toyota van to fight crime. But before all that hype, Scott Lost went to LA to train for UPW, where John Cena came from. He worked for the indie company called Pro-Wrestling Guerrilla for 8 years. He decided to retire when he noticed his body started breaking down and rekindled his passion of drawing comic books.

From this episode, you will learn

  • The bumps of multitasking: why he had to stop drawing and doing wrestling at the same time.
  • How he came up with his Pro-wrestling character, like incorporating Bruce Lee and martial arts with old school wrestling.
  • How he became a successful Pro-wrestler while keeping a day job
  • How he started his Kickstarter journey as a comic book artist.
  • How he come up with a team to start his comic book series and why he felt it all fit together.
  • How research helped him on what to do to hit his goal.
  • The process of making a comic series

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