“The only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.”

Nihan-GorkemBorn and raised in Turkey, Nihan already has her sights on coming to the US since she was a teenager. Her dream came true after she and her Mom went for a tour in the US while studying Economics in Istanbul. Five days after they got home from the tour, she immediately went back to the States and went to San Diego for good.

  • She has her own website where she loves to share about her fashion, lifestyle, travels, and macaroons!
  • She has a big collection of Starbucks Cups from all over the world (over 50 cups)
  • She earned her MBA in San Diego State University after graduating in UCST
  • She is staying in the US for almost seven years (and counting)


From this episode, you will learn:

  • How to build you’re Network even when you don’t know anyone at all.
  • How to manage a new environment and new culture.
  • How she become an expert in Social Media and Branding.
  • How she balances work and fashion.
  • How getting laid off is a good thing for her.
  • How she sets goals, in visual way.
  • And more traveling tips for young professionals!


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