Don’t allow fear to guide all of your decisions.

Danny-MaherDanny Maher is a Captain of the US Marine Corps. He will be officially retired on the 30th of August 2014. Before joining the Police Force next summer, he plans to travel for the next one year while writing full-time and to climb three of the highest mountains in the world. But, before all that he:

  • Overcame his bad shoulders and bad asthma to join the Marine Corps
  • Became the youngest President of his fraternity
  • Was bullied and often and was an outsider during high school


From this episode, you will learn:

  • How to overcome fear of joining the crowd.
  • How to become a tough but loving and funny leader.
  • How being responsible can help you reform an organization.
  • How USMC made him competitive and the best.
  • How he overcame his bad asthma while joining Ironman Triathlon.
  • How he managed to get accepted in USMC after being rejected due to bad shoulders and asthma.


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