In my opinion vitality is the foundation for happiness, if you don’t have energy you can’t function.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I’m working longer and longer hours with mediocre results;
  • I run all day long then collapse exhausted into bed at night – I’ve got no time or energy to exercise;
  • There’s too little time and energy for the kids and my partner;
  • There’s not enough time to see my friends;
  • All the spare time is taken up doing chores.
If this sounds like you, then you need to work on improving your vitality. With all life’s demands we often put our self at the bottom of the list, which causes increasing stress, not only on you, but also on all those all around you. We have to get back to the top of our list. Although most energy drinks would have you think otherwise, the energy associated with vitality is distinct from caloric energy. Unless you are seriously deprived of calories, eating and drinking don’t boost vitality. In fact over eating can decrease your vitality. Studies have shown that people who have higher levels of energy are more creative, get sick less often, and are overall more happier. So now we know that vitality is important to our happiness and success, and eating doesn’t necessarily boost our vitality, then how can we improve it? A psychologist from the University of Virginia made a selection of exercises that builds vitality:
  1. Do something because you want to do it, not because you have to do it.
  2. Two secrets to keep you energized the whole day: Eat a hearty, healthy breakfast and have a good night’s sleep.
  3. In the morning, do something vigorous like taking a run or a walk or just simply jumping on a mini trampoline. You can also grab a simple mini exercise video for you to get sweaty.
  4. Go out and get involved within a community or organization you belong.
  5. Know more about the things that you are compassionate bout, like arts or music. If you already figured it out, make some time for If not yet, then figure out the things that you are passionate about. Think about your younger years, what are the usual things that makes you happy?
“A vital person is someone whose aliveness and spirit are expressed not only in personal productivity and activity-such individuals often infectiously energize those with whom they come into contact.” (Peterson and Seligman, 2004, p. 273)

Are you ready to raise your energy?

Reply with a comment letting me know one thing you are going to work on over the next few weeks to help improve your vitality?

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