Finding a job you love can be tough these days. Heck, just finding a job is already difficult. So when you land a job, especially something that makes use of your skills and capabilities and all right, passion, you try hard to cling to it. Keeping a job isn’t rocket science. All it takes is these simple rules:

Have Passion THIS IS IMPORTANT. Learn to have passion in everything that you do. If you have the mindset that this is just a “job” then you are on a path for failure. Realize that no matter how small the position you are important to the success of the company. People who find passion in the mundane are happier and last longer than those who just go through the motions. Always Be Learning Stay on top of your industry and your professional development. Companies often invest in programs and resources to improve the knowledge of their employees. Take advantage of those programs. If your company doesn’t provide education options, take it on yourself to push your education forward. Read industry publication, have 1:1’s with your boss, attend networking events. Have an Opinion and be bold Companies want people that have a point of view. Don’t worry if it is the right point of view, what’s important is that you have an opinion. Similar to my last point as you present your point to ideas to your boss, don’t aim for mediocrity. Avoid Gossip Avoid the gossip mill at all costs. It gets your mind focused on the wrong things. Talk to executives Engage in small talk with the executives in the company. Tip don’t brag about yourself, that will not give you an advantage, it will just make you look like a douchebag. Rather than talking about yourself take the time to complement another department, or ask for advise for a challenging project you are working on. If they give you advise, try it out and report back to them on the results. Most of your peers are too scared to do this, and will give you a leg up. Support company goals Take the time to know what the company’s goals and objectives are, and how what you do aligns with those goals. If you work for an agency and their goal is to grow revenue by 20%. Understand if the accounts that you work on are growth accounts, or stability accounts. If they are growth accounts keep an eye out for opportunities to deepen the relationship. If they are stability accounts do all you can to keep the account in good standing while staying profitable. When it comes time for performance reviews you will be able to articulate your progress in a way that shows that you are thinking about the bigger picture. Help your boss get promoted Ask your boss what their goals are and do all that you can to support that. If your boss gets promoted they will need to fill that open spot, and it is often easier to move someone up, rather than hire out. Slay Problems Most employees think they are helping by pointing out everything thing they see wrong with the company. From why a project didn’t work out, to issues with the company culture. Those employees are just a pain in the ass, and are the first to go in time of need. Be different and focus on solutions. If you see a problem try to solve it and bring your boss three possible solutions. They may never use them, but they will appreciate that you are thinking about ways to improve the company. Surround yourself with smart people You are the composite of the five people that you surround yourself with. Therefore if you hang out with the nobodies that just gossip and are not producing good work you will become one of those people. Find the smartest people in the office, and find a way to become part of their inner circle. They will challenge you and bring you up to their level of thinking. Give compliments Smile often and give authentic compliments. If you think your co-worker looks especially nice today, let them know. People love being around nice people, and likable people are more likely to succeed than their negative counterparts. Have side projects Have something going on outside the office. It can be anything from sports, to a hobby, to spending time with family. It doesn’t matter what the activity is as long as you enjoy doing it. It will give you a reason to leave work on time, and give you something interesting to share with coworkers. Also studies have shown that people who engage in hobbies tend to be more happy, and as a result more successful. Use your vacation time According to an Expedia job survey only 38% of US employees are taking all of their earned vacation days. TAKE YOUR TIME OFF! You deserved it. You will come back refreshed with a clear mind. It doesn’t have to be a long extended vacation. One of my favorite things to do is to take a day off mid-week. It gives me something to look forward to, and when I get back to work there are only a few days left before the weekend. Those days are perfect for running errands, as most people are at work. Say No Don’t be afraid to push back on projects. Most eager professionals tend to want to help as much as they can, and get over their head. Have a good understanding of your priorities and current bandwidth. If you get asked to do work that you can’t complete it is ok to say no. Just do so in a respectful manner and offer solutions. I would respond something like “I am currently working on a few time sensitive projects. I can work on your project after, and have it for you by X. If you need me to work on your project now let me know which one of these projects I can reprioritize.” You will be respected more for doing that, compared to your poor planning coworkers that take on more than they can chew, and are always overworked. Don’t worry about losing your job People who have a strong fear end up losing their job. Remember the things that you focus on becomes your reality. If you don’t want to lose your job focus on the items I listed above that will give you the best chance for success.

Remember, keeping your job isn’t only about performing well and impressing your boss, it’s about getting on with others, knowing your limits so you can channel your productivity correctly and avoiding negative people. 

Let me know what is one thing you are going to do to keep your job by leaving a comment below. Also if you are looking for some extra guidance on how to be a rockstar employee, or how to get your dream job check out my personal coaching options.