“Do the next right thing and more will be revealed.” – Andy Zitzmann


Andy-Zitzmann_headshotAndy Zitzmann is a peak performance coach, business consultant and speaker who helps entrepreneurs find their passion and live the life they want to live.

In today’s conversation Andy shares his story of how he went from addicted to drugs and a workaholic to living a fulfilled and passionate life. There are so many applicable lessons in the show, and if you want to hear more from Andy make sure to check out his podcast Gametime Podcast

We Will Reveal

  • How persistence landed Andy the job he was looking for.
  • Why you should “always start at the source” when looking to land a job.
  • The learning process Andy went through in rehab that allowed him to persevere.
  • The importance of being congruent in your life.
  • The value of investing in yourself.


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About Andy

Andy is on a mission to help entrepreneurs live the life they know they are destined and intended to live.

“My story is one of great professional and financial success accompanied by considerable personal failure and emptiness. I was the guy who had it all, but still wanted more. I followed the path many of us do…I worked hard, graduated from a top University, owned a small business, then went into the corporate world and worked for a Fortune 500 Company in High Tech Sales and Sales Management. I made very good money (more than I ever imagined) at a very young age.”


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