Take Advantage of Nature If you are not pressed for time, one of the best energy saving tips that you can find is to simply let nature do your work for you. For example, instead of relying on your air conditioner during the entire summer, use fans and open windows to cool your home during the cooler parts of the day. If you have clothes to dry, consider hanging them up outside to dry so that you do not need to turn on your dryer.

Be Smart with Electronics

Most electronics are designed to be in a constant state of readiness, staying in standby so that they can be instantly ready to work as soon as you turn them on. Even when you are not using your computer or video game console, the device still consumes small amounts of energy to stay in standby. Instead of plugging your devices directly into your power outlets, take advantage of smart power strips, or just unplug items that you are not using. This can save you up to 10% on your power bill.

Treat Your Fridge Kindly

An empty refrigerator must work extra hard to keep its contents cold. Keeping your fridge stocked with water bottles is a great way to inexpensively fill your fridge with something that will not spoil. You should also try to maintain a consistent layout in your fridge so that you can quickly grab the item that you want, reducing the amount of time that the fridge is open.

Seal Your House

Over time, small openings may begin to form in the seals around your home’s windows and doors. On a cold day, your warm and comfortable indoor air will make a break for the great outdoors. Inspect your home’s exterior regularly for these cracks. Weather stripping and caulk can help you seal up these openings, potentially saving you large amounts of money during extreme weather. These tasks will only take 20 min to complete, and can save you up to 20% off of your bill.

Cook Smarter

Baking hundreds of chocolate chip cookies on a hot summer day is a great way to make your air conditioner and your oven work especially hard. Using your oven less, especially in the summer, is a good way to cut down on your energy bills. Toaster ovens can often cook the same type of meals as your oven and will use far less energy. If you do need to use your oven, try to cook multiple items at once to reduce your overall energy consumption. At our home my wife and I try to cook our food for the week all on one day. This will not only help to shave money off your electric bill, it will also help to keep you from spending money on fast food.

Toss Out Your Old Bulbs

Using old incandescent bulbs in your home can cause your energy bills to quickly skyrocket. Compact fluorescent bulbs use less energy and last longer than incandescent bulbs. In the end, you will save significant amounts of money by switching to compact fluorescent bulbs. To close out this post here is an infographic from SDG&E that gives even more knowledge on how to save money on your electric bill. Infographic from SDG&E with 10 ways to save energy   Photo Credit: Freedigitalphotos.net
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