If you can’t get work get press.

vanessa valiente personal stylistVanessa Valiente is a stylist who works both as a personal stylist but also for TV and editorials.

Vanessa has an amazing story of growing and pivoting until she found what she really loved and gained traction. It’s not the story of overnight success, but Vanessa shares how she put herself into a position to succeed and how you can follow some of the principles she used.


What you will learn:

  • How to get started, even when things don’t seem easy and there isn’t a clear direction.
  • How to be clear and set proper expectations so you can eliminate problems over the long run.
  • How to get access to free booze and food Wed – Fri.
  • How to shift your career – or what to do when you’re not sure what to do.


About Vanessa

Vanessa wasn’t sure what she wanted to do in college but started acting with her boyfriend and a group of friends. She started accepting any gig she could find to grow and as she says – Not to end up homeless.

She eventually found a love for being a stylist. Got her first gig, found a way, and has continuing doing it until now. She runs a successful blog and enjoys living in San Diego.


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