“Live life to the fullest. You never know what’s going to happen.”

JhedFlores-HeadshotJhed is a creative guy. Specifically through one of his hobbies we’re going to talk about today – brewing craft beers.

This show is really all about creativity. Although we focus on beer it’s simply the method we use to talk about staying inspired, dealing with problems, and staying on track. If you are someone who is looking for motivation to keep working on your passion project this show is for you.

On top of that Jhed’s gone through the Breakthrough Cocktail Masterclass which helped him to define what he was actually looking to accomplish, setting goals and making sure to keep on goal.


What you’ll learn

  • All About Beer! We talk about the creative and technical side of it.
  • The mindset behind Jhed’s approach to creating and coming up with new ideas for his beer.
  • The part of the creative process most people shy away from – failure. How to deal with it and what to take away from it.
  • How to have balance with full-time job and a side hustle.
  • The step by step breakdown of Jhed’s process in creating a Cream Ale.


About Jhed

Jhed has been brewing for the past 2 years and runs a unique brewery focused on old school hip hop and music. Although not his full time job he has a passion for bringing a creative and unique look at beer and brewing.


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