H&R Block. Personal Information  Social Security Number (SSN) or ITIN  Spouse’s Full name and SSN  Date of Birth and the SSN for anyone who you will put on your return  Approximate income of other adults in your home (not spouse, if filing jointly) Income Documents  1099-G Form (Unemployment, state tax refund)  Gambling Income (W-2G or records showing income, as well as expenses)  Jury duty records  Hobby income  Prize or award Income  Other 1099 Income (1099-R, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-G)  Self-employment income and expenses, including any home office expenses; health insurance premiums paid, transportation or advertising fees  Rental property documents Credit Information  Childcare records with the provider’s ID number, if applicable  Childcare and dependent care expenses  Expenses for any energy-efficient home improvements  Tuition or fees paid for education for you, spouse or dependents Deduction Information  Mortgage statements (Forms 1098 or other)  Amount of state/local income tax paid (other than wage withholding), or amount of state and local sales tax paid  Real estate and personal property tax records  Vehicle sales tax forms (invoice showing amount paid)  HUD statement showing closing date home purchase  Charitable donations records or receipts – cash amounts donated to houses of worship, schools, or chartable donations. Records of non-cash charitable donations  Amounts paid for healthcare insurance and to doctors, dentists, and hospitals  Amount of miles driven for charitable, medical purposes or work related  Expenses related to your investments  Amount paid for preparation of your 2009 tax return  Employment-related expenses (dues, publications, tools, uniform cost and cleaning, travel)  Job-hunting expenses  Amount paid for preparation of your last year’s taxes, copy of last year’s return  Moving expenses, if you moved for a job Other Information  Retirement account rollovers  Health care reimbursements (1099-SA or 1099-LTC)  Contributions to retirement plans Download the the tax filing checklist pdf here]]>