Episode Overview: 

Most of us at some point or another experience burnout. What does burnout look like? Well, you usually feel exhausted or lose motivation for what you are working on. Burnout comes to us when we forget to play or find things that bring us joy. There is a way to approach burnout when you feel it coming or if you already have it, I call it the 3M approach. The first way is through macro-play which simply involves resting or sleeping. Finding time to just allow yourself to get some really good sleep. The second way is through micro-play which is taking small breaks throughout your day to do nothing. Small breaks mean doing something you enjoy not scrolling through social media. The third and final way is through mezo-play which is you stepping completely away from your work. Starting off small with stopping work early can lead to whole days being taken off. Start with the easiest M and work your way up to the hardest.

In this episode, we discuss how to manage to burn out. What are the triggers leading up to it? How to manage leisure time and build it back into your life. How to preserve energy and energy management. 3 types of breaks and why you need to make time for them.

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