Episode Overview: 

Play deprivation can and does happen to many of us. You will feel unmotivated, burnt out, or even just tired when you have been deprived of play. Play is super the superfood of behavior and can help us with many things like energy levels or to connect with other people. Here is the formula to help you bring play back into your life.

  1. Get some rest- whether that is actually sleeping or taking out time in your day to do something you enjoy doing.
  2. Have a playful mindset- when it is time to play, go into it with the mindset of trying to solve a problem or learn a lesson.
  3. Focus on things that bring your joy- find those things you love to do and incorporate more of them into your daily life.
  4. Schedule play- this one is a doozy, but it helps and works.

In the episode, when it comes to on-the-spot thinking and creative projects that make the client go “wow”, I know the secret. It’s playing, of course! With a motto that “Employees that play together, stay together,” I share how play is the “superfood of behavior,” and the benefits it can provide to employees’ and business’ well-being.

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