Priya Parker and Gary Ware discuss the company culture showdown: Ted Lasso vs. Succession’s Logan Roy

‘Pop’ Culture First is a new style of episode and one that we’d love to do more of if you, our audience, agree!

In this episode, you’ll hear Damon and his guests unpack the leadership styles of Ted Lasso and Logan Roy, both lead characters in smash hit shows that take us to the edge of what typical leadership is often confined to. When we say smash hit, we mean it! In 2023, Ted Lasso received 21 Emmy nominations, while Succession received 27!

Priya, author of the best selling book ‘The Art of Gathering’, compares the two starkly different management styles of the main characters in each show and breaks down for us what we can learn from how they gather and how they use or abuse power.

Gary is a Culture First Chapter Lead Volunteer for Culture Amp in San Diego, a facilitator and a master improv teacher, and dives deep into what Ted Lasso, as a leader, taught us across the three seasons.

Our guest’s thoughts on why The Lasso Way works, and why the cruel maneuvers of Logan Roy don’t, are well worth the listen!

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