Howdy, my friends. I am so excited for the next Dent conference right around the corner. We’ll be in Sante Fe, NM from September 10-13th to share a weekend of fun, curiosity, adventure, and so much more. In preparation, I want to share with you why the Dent community holds such a special place in my heart and why I return year after year to the conference as a presenter and attendee. 

Why have you “Dented”?

The Dent community is like no other. From the moment you step into a Dent event, you’re surrounded by a diverse group of incredible humans who are ready to connect, learn, and make a lasting impact on the universe. It’s a game-changer. When I attend Dent, I can’t help but feel my energy levels go through the roof. It’s a place where knowledge flows freely and inspiration is in the air. Every Dent experience is an opportunity to learn something new, to deepen connections with like-minded individuals, and to ignite that fire within us to make our own Dents in the universe. 

How does being part of Dent help you achieve your goals or intentions?

For me, one of my biggest goals is to use the power of play to help teams and individuals be the best versions of themselves. Dent has been instrumental in furthering that mission! I’ve been fortunate to be a workshop leader at Dent Explores and have had the incredible privilege of guiding others to embrace the magic of play. My dominant Play Personality is Connector, and let me tell you, it’s a blast being able to lean into that gift of mine among the Dent community. The people are wonderful. We may all be in the business world, but the conversations go beyond the small talk and surface-level interactions when we come together for the weekend. We get deep on a human level. We want to help one another out. We’re curious about what one another is working on, and how we can be of service to them. That type of community feels unmatched. How can you beat it?

How many Dent experiences have you been to?

I’ve been lucky enough to attend two Dent Explores: Dent Explore Telluride and Dent Explore Maui. I have also attended the co-working weekend and ComicCon experience. This is going to be my first Dent in Sante Fe and I’m so excited not only to participate but once again to share my gift on the stage with all the attendees.

What was a favorite Dent moment?

There are too many to count. Some of my favorite moments came from the mind-bending conversations that took place in between sessions. 🤯

What would you tell others that they would get from attending Dent?

Dent is a magical experience. The diversity of the speakers and audience creates an atmosphere that sets the stage for serendipity. The most amazing moments come out of the spontaneity of being in the same place as some real amazing folks. Simply being at dinner just sharing a glass of wine and some conversation with folks have turned into lasting relationships that I cherish to this day. And when the weekend comes to a close, you’ll walk away feeling inspired, rejuvenated, and armed with some seriously cool tools to make your own Dent in the universe! 

If you’re interested in learning more about Dent, head over to for more info. 

Can’t wait to see you there!