Playing in the Sandbox – Gary Ware

In this week’s On the Schmooze episode, Gary Ware shares his playful approach to unlocking creativity, fostering better communication, and transforming workplaces, inviting listeners to embrace the power of purposeful play for personal and professional growth.

In this episode, we discuss the following:

  • Gary emphasizes that leadership involves listening, inclusivity, and championing the people in one’s care, creating a supportive environment.
  • His experience of building a mastermind group in elementary school highlights his early inclination towards collaboration and shared learning.
  • Through therapy and reflecting on his childhood, Gary embarked on a journey of self-discovery, aligning his passions and talents with his career choices.
  • As a multi-potentialite, Gary’s varied interests, including science, naval service, and music teaching, demonstrate the value of exploring different paths for personal and professional growth.

Listen to this episode to “play their way” to success with Gary Ware as he shares how incorporating purposeful play and the power of improvisation can unlock creativity, boost communication, and bring joy to the workplace.