Play Your Way Out Of Burnout To Build A Better Culture

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We’ve been talking about burnout for a while now. Its impacts continue to accrue at work and at home through declining mental health, and an unpredictable broader cultural landscape. The numbers reveal alarming rates of stress-related issues among employees and the need for a fundamental shift in workplace culture becomes undeniable. The business of play is not a frivolous waste but a powerful strategy for cultivating a resilient, innovative, and inclusive culture. In this exploration, we examine workplace well-being and leadership success, making a case for incorporating play into the fabric of our workplace cultures strategically and tactically.

The Alarming State of Workplace Burnout:

The numbers are in, and unfortunately, 84% of millennials have experienced burnout at their current job and our youth are experiencing a 40% increase in suicidal thoughts and behaviors over the last decade. Our capacity to navigate the increasing emotional demans on our nervous systems is seeping out and not just affecting us but affecting young people in huge ways. The impact of these issues on our workplaces is significant. A 2017 meta-analysis of 36 studies on burnout revealed the consequences of burnout extend from our physical and mental wellbeing (worsening depression, heart disease and chronic pain), into a slew of organizational outcomes such as absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, and presenteeism.

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