What does play have to do with work? Quite a lot, according to Gary Ware, the founder of Breakthrough Play and author of Playful Rebellion: Maximizing Workplace Success Through the Power of Play. Far from being a waste of time or a distraction, Ware says play can break the monotony, stimulate creativity, and boost productivity. Ware sees play not simply as something to do in our leisure time but as a tool for personal and professional development. Welcome to the Jungle tracked down Ware so that we can understand how to break free from restrictive corporate norms,and inject joy and creativity into our workplaces.

What is ‘playful rebellion’ and how can it reshape professional norms and interactions?

In today’s digital age, the boundaries between work and personal life are increasingly blurred, resulting in many workers exceeding the traditional 40-hour week. This lack of balance can lead to mental health issues and widespread burnout. Corporate norms often exacerbate this problem, as they traditionally emphasize a strict separation of professional and personal personas, which can hinder genuine connection with colleagues.


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