Episode Overview: 

There are 4 virtues that you can apply to your life to be more playful. First, you need to commit to playing, which means you need to commit to things that bring you joy. Next, you have to maximize your powerups, being aware of your energy levels, and doing things that give you the most energy to take on the tasks that drain them. Third, it’s important that you accept reality, accepting all things whether they are good or not. Last, seek out an invitation to play, look at different experiences as a way to play, and make it fun. By practicing these virtues your life will slowly begin to get better.

In this episode, we talk about how PLAY unexpectedly saved both of our lives.  You have probably heard that the opposite of play is depression and perfection. Yes, And…We go quickly and deeply into a conversation about our painful and pivotal catalyst moments that lead us to a place where we value PLAY and pleasure.

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