“If you see it within them, it is within you.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith


AJ AmyxAJ helps people launch and build businesses that align with their passion. In this episode we’re going to talk about how he arrived at this point… from an advertising agency to being in a touring band, and the frameworks and lessons he’s learned along the way.

We have a really engaging chat about business and money. Getting down to the core, not just a tactic or strategy, but the core of what drives a successful business.

If you want to make money and build a sustainable business you have to be clearly solving a problem for someone.

AJ has an amazing process for discovering your business and passion that ultimately leads to making money.

Make sure to grab a pen and a piece of paper because AJ runs through quite a few awesome frameworks you can use to clarify your business.


We Will Reveal

  • The art to finding your way and building a business.
  • How AJ leveraged his learning from bring in a Rock in his current career.
  • How to get over self doubt and “ship it”.
  • AJ’s process on how to successfully launch a passion product


About AJ

AJ has a really unique story. Currently he is the Creator’s Mentor, Host of AMYXtv and Co-founder of the GameTime Movement.

His background includes, working at a small boutique advertising agency, co-founding and touring in a professional Christian/Progressive/Rock band called Trade Cities.

After his music career came to an end he set out on a mission to learn how to use technology to create a business where he could work from anywhere in the world and inspire millions to pursue their passions.

Today he has a business training women around the globe on how to create programs that are loved by thousands.


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