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Chris Cerrone, PodcasterChris Cerrone is one of those people that always has honest stories and ideas for building great businesses and living a better life. Chris talks about how he was able to land a killer job without a college degree. Also he shares his story on why he turned down a high paying career to start his podcast. This conversation goes back and forth between talking about business development and personal development because as you will learn from Chris’s story they really are intertwined.

We Will Reveal

  • How to move up in your career despite not having as much experience as your peers
  • What to do after you lose a job that you LOVE.
  • How defining your WHY can lead to greater success than any degree or certification.
  • How Chris gained a mentor in a traditional corporate setting.
  • How you can create lasting relationships with “celebrities” or people you’ve been wanting to meet.
  • What to focus on when you are launching a product.

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About Chris

Chris Cerrone co-hosts one of the most popular business podcasts… simply called The Cerrone Show. After leaving the corporate world Chris went on a journey to figure out what was next. Throughout the process he listened to a lot of podcasts and realized that he had a unique perspective to add, leading him to launch the show in early 2014.

Beyond the podcast Chris has a lot of experience to draw on in business and entrepreneurship. Everything from real estate, owning a coffee shop, and working in the corporate world.


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