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Happiness is not only that huge smile on your face. It’s a sense of being, a conscious choice on how to live your life. Being happy all the time may take a bit of work, as life has this funny habit of throwing lemons at you at the most inopportune time. As we have mentioned though, happiness is a choice. You have the option to let those lemons topple you to the ground, or you could catch some, make a lemonade and get a profit out of it.

Here at Breakthrough Play, we’re big on happiness. We believe that happier people get the most out of life. We want you to become a go-getter, someone who’s not afraid to chase after their dreams and passions. Thus we dedicating the whole month to happiness, and how to achieve the kind of happiness that is ever lasting.

Why Happiness? Why should we always make it a point to choose happiness over sadness or grief or disappointment? It’s simple. Happiness will help you become the best version of yourself.

Happy people are more productive

Google has known this all along, thus their awesome office design and environment, plus company perks. A research team from the Department of Economics of the University of Warwick validated this fact, too and their findings would be published in the Journal of Labor Economics this year. 

Simply put, those employees who were given special treats like free comedy movie viewing, ice cream, chocolate and drinks showed a higher percentage of productivity versus those who were taken in and questioned about family issues, bereavement and similar topics.

Recently the advertising agency that I work at provided happiness training lead by Eric Karpinski. We were given techniques to help us make a happiness a habit, and how to share it with others. We all left the training feeling more motivated and connected. With higher spirits and increased morale I felt more productive, and was didn’t have a problem putting in extra hours to tackle urgent client demands.

When you are happy, working hours seem to fly by. You channel your high energy into your tasks, finishing off your to-do list faster and more efficiently. When you are not preoccupied with worry or sad thoughts, your creative juices flow freely.

Happier = Healthier

Does someone who have a more positive outlook in life have higher chances of avoiding life-threatening illnesses? That is the question scientists and a study conducted by Harvard University have been trying to answer. 

According to the research in 2007 that followed more than 6,000 men and women aged 25 to 74 for 20 years, for example, Laura Kubzansky, HSPH associate professor of society, human development, and health, found that emotional vitality—a sense of enthusiasm, of hopefulness, of engagement in life, and the ability to face life’s stresses with emotional balance—appears to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. The protective effect was distinct and measurable, even when taking into account such wholesome behaviors as not smoking and regular exercise.

Whereas when you’re constantly stressed, the body decreases its immunity against diseases and increases inflammation all throughout, making you susceptible to heart problems and a variety of other serious conditions.

If you can avoid being sick while living a fulfilling life simply by not dwelling so much on negative thoughts and emotions, then why not, right?

Happiness makes you feel good about yourself, and life in general

Life is too short to spend it being miserable, they say. Being happy doesn’t necessarily mean not allowing yourself to feel sad or disappointed or lonely. Of course you can! It won’t be really healthy if you’re just all smiles all the time right? Choosing to be happy means that while you feel bad at times, you don’t let it rule your life. You acknowledge the emotions, but you move on as soon as you let it wash over yourself. 

Happiness gives you that glow, that overall feel good…feeling. You walk with a spring on your step, and spread cheer and good vibes everywhere. Isn’t that so much better than walking under a dark cloud?

What do you do to stay happy? Leave me a comment and share your tips.

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