“If you are following your life’s bliss the right opportunities and people will come into your life.” – Dr Nick

Conscious Bartender Dr Nick BerrySummary

Ever since Dr Nick was a child he has been interested in how to help people feel better and live a healthier life. He’s taken passion and created a business and lifestyle totally focused on accomplishing that

We learn how taking time off from work and school helped Dr Nick learn about himself and discover his passion and lead him down the road he’s on today. In addition Dr Nick gives us some awesome knowledge on how we can utilize essential oils to cure common ailments.

We Will Reveal

  • The art of hustling during school.
  • How to find your passion and yourself by doing something out of the ordinary.
  • The secrets of essential oils and some examples of how they can be used.
  • The role a mentor has in perfecting your craft.
  • The value in living a “giving” lifestyle.


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About Dr Nick Berry

Dr. Nick received his formal education at College of the Canyons and received his AS in Mathematics in ‘06 and received his Doctorate of Pharmacy from University of the Pacific in ‘09. Dr. Nick managed Central Care Pharmacy, a pharmacy specializing in herbs, nutrition and compounding after his first day as a licensed pharmacist in 2010. This role provided more confidence in serving patients independently while providing experience in holistic care. Independent studies of natural medicines including cannabis lead to private client & collective consulting, balancing Western medicine with a holistic approach to wellness.


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