Workplace play can pay dividends

A WorkWell podcast with Gary Ware

Fun in the workplace increases happiness, productivity, and creativity.


You don’t often hear the words work and play together. You couldn’t possibly be productive at work and have fun at the same time. Could you? Yes. In fact, having fun at work can increase engagement, connection, and creativity, making teams more innovative and productive.

On this episode, Deloitte Chief Well-being Officer Jen Fisher talks with Gary Ware, author of “Playful Rebellion” and founder of Breakthrough Play, about the importance of fun in the workplace and the gifts play can bring including vulnerability, quicker problem solving, and joy.

“The interesting thing about play and playfulness for your brain, it’s like simulation. So, when you can get into that state of playing playfulness, you can actually get your outcomes and results four times faster.”

– Gary Ware, author of Playful Rebellion