Episode Overview: 

We often hear things like “do what makes you happy” or “find happiness in what you do,” but what about joy? Happiness is fleeting while joy can remain even with other emotions like sadness or anger. Ever thought about doing something that brings you joy instead of happiness? When you commit to doing things that bring you joy it’s a commitment you are making to yourself and many people are resistant to that. I believe that the missing piece of most people’s lives is that small piece of joy. So maybe we don’t find that job that makes us 100% happy, but we can find a job that finances us to do the thing that brings us joy.

In this episode, I stepped into the diner and brought a bunch of truth and my expertise in play to the booth. Before we dove into all that we compared notes on how we both eat our pancakes. We then chatted about getting diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and where the shame creeps in. Then we got into my bread and butter: Play. We discussed why it is hard for adults to play and what we need to do to incorporate more play in our lives.

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