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We live in a world where busyness and burnout are worn as a badge of honor. Driven by a need to prove ourselves, we hustle and grind in the hope that one day we’ll escape the rat race – and ultimately – be happy. But, what if there was another way?

Gary Ware is a self proclaimed creativity catalyst helping people reach their potential using the power of play. A sought-after facilitator, TEDx speaker and founder of Breakthrough Play, Gary combines his passion for improv theatre with over a decade of experience in the advertising industry specializing in digital marketing to help creative professionals develop deeper relationships to drive performance.

Gary’s obsession with learning how to use play as a transformational tool led to his own transformation, moving him out of digital marketing into a world of transformation to help people improve their business, relationships and life.

With a belief that humans are wired for play and if you can tap into their play drive you can create magic, Gary and his team deliver training and retreats for organizations to help them increase psychological safety, reduce voluntary turnover and increase job satisfaction.

Join me on today’s episode as Gary share’s his story, from the moment that almost cost him his life, to an activity and life-long passion that he says not only saved his life but gave him the courage to show up and make some fundamental changes to get his life back on track, to his top 5 strategies for activating a playful mindset and creating a space for people to be heard.

“A leader is someone who feels the fear and does it anyway, and as a result of living their values, makes you feel that anything is possible” – Gary


Click here to listen to the interview on The Charted Leader