Episode Overview:

Ever heard the notion “play hard work hard?” I am sure you also think this has to be true to enjoy the time you have off. We believe that you can only enjoy play when you have worked really hard. But what if we have it all wrong? What if when you don’t experience play that is where burnout comes from? Well, turns out it’s true and whether you are an adult or a child, we all need to play.

In this episode we learn:

  • How to play with your kids without panicking about getting back to work
  •  What is a play consultant?
  • The improv class that changed Gary’s life; and the importance of psychological safety at work.
  •  Gary’s startup failure
  •  Example of a game you can play now to improve your productivity
  •  Warning signs of burnout
  •  How to play if it’s hard for you to move; not all play is physical
  •  Gary’s 5 Tips to Activate Your PLAY drive
  •  Play it forward Fridays
  • Legos!!!
  •  The cool thing about play, is play can change your perception.
  •  Schedule play, see how it will make you feel and the mindset will come after
  •  That’s the cool thing about play, you can get wins very fast.
  •  What makes a high-performing team? Aristotle research
  • Gary’s thoughts on failure
  • When everyone starts connecting and lighting up and having fun, they end up being the most…
  •  Dad guilt, it’s a thing
  • The BS Gary’s feeding himself: in order to be an exceptional dad, I need to know everything
  •  What’s in Shawna’s bag, what’s in Gary’s bag?

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