“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”


Eric-Zimmer-Headshot_200x133Eric is an entrepreneur and also the host of the podcast “The One You Feed” which broadcasts conversations about lives worth living. It’s a great show and definitely illustrates the mindset and how Eric approaches his life.

This interview is all about living a better life through mindset, psychology, and specific habits that have helped Eric in his life. If you’re looking for one takeaway from this show it’s to start meditating every day.

We Will Reveal

  • The power of just getting started and taking action.
  • Why following your interests can lead you on a fulfilling journey.
  • How consistent small steps can lead you toward a life worth living.
  • The need to make definitive choices.
  • How Eric’s life has changed since starting his podcast.
  • The factors that lead to the greatest success.


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About Eric

Eric has years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and podcast host which he brings to thoughts on living a life worth living. He has a great perspective on living a life worth living while staying in the best

Eric is also working on a new book which he gives us a quick teaser toward the end of the show.


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