and being happy! Here we are listing down the different food you can find solace in, whether or not you’re in the mood. These are the healthy variety, which won’t make you crash after a few hours of silly smiling and false ecstasy.

Coffeehappiness is a cup of coffee to start the day

We all know better than to bother someone who hasn’t had his first coffee for the day. Women, apparently, get the most benefit out of the caffeine in coffee, as mentioned in the 2011 research in the Archives for Internal Medicine. According to the study, women who drink four or more cups of coffee in a day have lower risk of depression. It doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for men, too. The caffeine may activate serotonin and dopamine release thus the clarity we all go through after that wonderful first cup. 

Chicken is a good source of happiness-inducing proteinChicken

Could this be the reason why children are generally more enthusiastic than adults, because they love chicken more than anything? Chicken, and other sources of protein actually, such as turkey, beef, and pork, contain essential amino acids. The body needs these amino acids to create dopamine, the happy hormones. So when you stock up on these high-protein food, or at least one full meal with a good amount of protein, you have a higher chance of having a great day!

SalmonSalmon is not only a great alternative to meat but is scientifically proven to make our hearts happy

Aside from amino acids, omega-3 fatty acids from fish like salmon are also great happiness-bringers. Salmon, tuna and other fatty fish have eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), which Matthew F. Muldoon, MD, professor of medicine and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, explained decreased the anxiety and depression levels of some people participating in a study. So go ahead and help yourself to that yummy slice of salmon. It’s for your happiness!

Ricotta cheese is one happiness booster you may want to tryCheese

If you’re a cheese lover, your happiness level may be a teeny-weeny bit higher there than some who don’t. Cheese, such as ricotta, cottage, Brie, cheddar, Swiss, and Camambert, along with natural yogurt and milk, have high content of phenylalanine, a chemical which the body converts to tyrosine, a key ingredient in the body’s creation of dopamine. Cottage and ricotta cheese have lower levels of saturated fat, that’s why they’re highly recommended than the other cheeses. You may add these into your salad or pasta or dessert for that boost in your mood. 

A chocolate a day would make everything a-okayDark Chocolate

Okay, okay. I know you’re all waiting for confirmation of this. Chocolates, indeed, can make anyone and everyone happy. BUT since its sugar content is high, it triggers an onslaught of dopamine production, which causes an addicting cycle. As the dopamine effects slow down, you crash, and begin craving for another sweet treat, which you waistline may not agree with. Dark chocolates, on the other hand, have a good serving of the antioxidant polyphenols, thanks to the cocoa, and a lesser amount of sugar. So you still have your happiness, while not compromising your health. 

Do you know of any more food which could increase our happiness level? Share it with us in the comments below so we can all get a bit more happiness in our lives.

Photo Credit: Flickr