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Private Educator’s Summit – San Antonio, TX

May 29 - May 30

I’m thrilled to be providing a virtual and in-person keynote, and workshop at an educator’s summit in San Antonio, TX from 5/29 to 5/30. See below for more details about each session I’ll be offering.

Day One

Overcoming Burnout and Revitalizing Teaching Through Play (Virtual Keynote)
In the demanding world of education, where the pressure to continuously engage and inspire can lead to burnout, there’s a surprisingly joyful remedy: play. As educators you are skilled in using play to ignite curiosity and joy in your students, imagine applying that same playful spirit to enrich your lives. With 61% of educators feeling the weight of stress, it’s crucial to embrace play’s restorative effects — for both you and your students. This session will guide you in integrating playful strategies into your daily work and life, transforming stress into vitality and rediscovering the joy of teaching. Envision a workday brimming with laughter, creativity, and meaningful connections. Join us to revitalize your teaching journey, making play the core of both learning and living.

Day Two

The Art of Play: Unleashing Creativity and Joy at Work (In Person Keynote)

Step into a space where play and imagination fuel the fires of creativity and job satisfaction. This hands-on keynote picks up where we left of and dives deep into the essence of play in the workplace. We’ll explore how adopting a playful mindset can transform your teaching and create an environment where you thrive. Drawing from the wonders of improv and play psychology, you’ll learn to navigate educational challenges with ease, building spaces of trust and dynamic growth. Walk away equipped to inspire a culture of creativity and satisfaction in your work and life.

The Power of Play: A Hands-On Adventure in Connection and Growth (In Person Workshop)

Dive into the heart of play with this immersive playshop, where the fun is serious business. Guided by the principles of applied improvisation, you’ll engage in exciting, interactive games designed to unleash your potential and forge deeper connections with your colleagues. It’s more than just play; it’s an opportunity to experience first-hand the transformative power of play. Explore, experiment, and express yourself freely in a supportive environment.

More Info

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May 29
May 30
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