This is the first in a four part series where I give you a preview of my up coming virtual summit The Elixir of Life. The Elixir of Life Summit is a 5 day summit where you will learn how to live your best life. Since there isn’t a potion that you can take that will give you ever-lasting life this is the next best thing. You will hear from passionate entrepreneurs and business experts that will share with you their best tips and techniques in the areas of personal development, productivity, mindfulness, goal-setting, career, health, and purpose.

Every day of the summit is a different theme and today I give you a preview of the first two days which are Passion/Purpose and Personal Alignment. You will get to hear clips from interviews with Performance Coach Jairek Robbins, and Productivity Strategist Mike Vardy where they both share some actionable tips that you can apply today to get closer to that level 10 life.

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If you are stuck in your life and looking for more, you need to sign up for my summit! The cost is free to sign up and watch in realtime. You are going to want to watch these sessions over and over. If that is you, please consider getting an All-Access pass for $97. All of the proceeds will be donated to our Pencils of Promise campaign.Our goal is to raise $25,000 to build a school. Click Here to Register


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