Discover your play personality with Gary Ware

We spend about half our waking lives working. Let’s make that time a bit better, shall we? Let’s destroy the fallacy that business should not be fun. And let’s discover together that laughter, levity and a little lightheartedness are the secret to making work feel less like work and more like living.



About the Episode

Hi everyone, Episode 10 of the DesuckifyWork™ Podcast is now live.

(Please note, the video feed in this episode freezes up for about 30 seconds at the 1:06:30 mark. The audio works just fine so we kept the show going.)

Today, I’m speaking with Gary Ware, a strategic play consultant and the founder of Breakthrough Play.

I gotta say, I have a lot of fun with the work I do, but it’s hard not get a bit envious of what Gary is bringing into the world. Getting paid to play sounds like a pretty good gig. And Gary’s infectious energy and enthusiasm makes it clear he’s the perfect person for that job.

We talk about the many ways that play can desuckify work during our conversation.

How it can improve productivity without making you feel like you’re “improving productivity.”

How it can help us be more creative and collaborative.

And how it can help us be the absolute best version of ourselves, every day. And isn’t that the whole point of this weird experience we call living?

If you don’t agree, you may change your mind after listening to Gary.

You can follow Gary on LinkedIn and on Instagram @garyware. And learn more about his work at You should also check out his book, “Playful Rebellion,” you can download the first chapter on his site.