“How can I practice more creativity and play into my routine?” I dive into all that and more on this episode of the Curious Monica podcast! Big shout-out to the amazing Monica Kang, the Founder of Innovators Box, for featuring me on her show and helping kick off Black History Month!⁠ ⁠Listen to the full episode here! 

Show Notes

  1. Title of the Episode: Master Play with Gary Ware
  2. Host: Monica H. Kang
  3. Guest: Gary Ware, Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Play, Author of “Playful Rebellion”
  4. Key Topics Covered:
    • Celebration of Black History Month
    • Gary Ware’s journey into creativity and playfulness
    • Insights from Gary’s experiences at Epic Summit and his humorous content on Instagram
    • Discussion on maintaining mental well-being in the workplace and being an effective leader
    • Gary’s early life and how it shaped his creativity
    • Tips from Gary for enhancing creativity and overcoming creative blocks
    • The role of AI in creativity and innovation
    • The importance of representation in innovation and leadership
    • Recommendations for other black innovators to follow
  5. Highlights:
    • Gary Ware’s love for creativity from an early age and his path to becoming an innovator
    • Strategies for fostering creativity, such as listing ideas and challenging the brain with new prompts
    • The impact of AI on future facilitation and creativity
    • The significance of representation in creative and leadership spaces
    • Gary’s recommendations for other black innovators
  6. Quotes from Gary Ware:
    • “Creativity is problem-solving.”
    • “The practice of being creative is how we stimulate our brain.”
    • “Representation matters… it helps people in the room realize that someone like themselves can be there.”
    • “You can do it and you can do it through action.”
  7. Resources Mentioned:
    • “Playful Rebellion” by Gary Ware
    • Epic Summit
    • Gary Ware’s Instagram for humorous content
  8. Contact Information for Gary Ware:
    • Instagram and LinkedIn
    • Website: BreakthroughPlay.com
  9. Closing Thoughts by Monica Kang:
    • Emphasis on surrounding oneself with innovative people
    • Invitation to follow and engage with the guest and host for more insights

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