Employees That Play Together, Stay Together

Our immersive experiences combine the power of play with improv thinking to increase creativity and collaboration in the workplace.

Engage to Excel

Seventy percent of Americans feel “disengaged” at work. This lack of initiative costs companies half-a-trillion dollars in lost productivity. Breakthrough Play reengages people through experiential workshops based on improvisational techniques and play psychology. Harness the power of these creative sessions to energize employees, solve complex business challenges, and decrease turnover.

The Power of Play

In addition to sparking creativity, joy, and relaxation, play creates pro-social brains—people work more easily with one another once they’ve worked through a fun challenge together. By making Breakthrough Play part of your professional development, you’re building bonds between coworkers, and proving that taking chances can be rewarding. How often does your work provide a rush of endorphins?

Employee Development Workshops

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Field Trip

An immersive, off-site experience that gives all team members time to fully disconnect from work and connect with the moment. No phones or emails, just hilarity and openness in this creative free-for-all that imparts a feeling that work is a safe place to think big and act boldly.


Lasting two-to-four hours, this unique communication training sets a positive vibe for people to bring back to their desks. Facilitated on-site, employees view these sessions as a reward or perk compared to traditional lecturing—this results in greater retention, and higher job satisfaction.


Scheduled as frequently as your team needs them, these sessions are a welcomed break from the day-to-day. Just as some employers have office yoga, Recess is a unique chance for people to routinely stretch their creativity and share some fun with those they work with daily.

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Feel the Effects

A company excels on the trust and transparency of the people who work there—the stronger the team, the longer they stick together. By creating an environment which fosters employee creativity and dynamic brainstorming, businesses see joyous aftershocks long after their Breakthrough Play is over. See what happens when you help people connect authentically.

How it works


Breakthrough Play collaborates with your decision-makers to create a custom training experience.


Your team opens up and bonds over the shared joy of spontaneous creativity sessions.


Take what you’ve learned, and discover how to embed it into your company’s culture.

Breakthroughs for All

From entry-level workers to veteran CEOs, the tenets of improv help all people in business adapt to change and feel more comfortable with owning the decisions they make. By working together to find fun, creative solutions during Breakthrough Play workshops, trust is built, and morale is boosted. See how happiness triggers productivity within your company’s internal teams.

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About Gary Ware of Breakthrough Play

Combining 14 years in digital marketing with nearly a decade of improvisational comedy, Gary delivers immersive shared experiences that enrich people in ways “talk-at-you” training fails to do. 

Breakthrough Play has engaged hundreds of companies and thousands of employees through fun, focused workshops. With an insider’s understanding of today’s corporate environments, Gary uses unscripted, team-building activities to build creative thinking at all levels of the org chart.

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