Biz-Souls – Episode 56: DEI Success Depends on People Playing Their Best

DEI in the Workplace – even among organizations dedicated to DEI, many struggle. Is it because they don’t understand it? Do they have the right systems in place? The right people? Maybe its the right attitude? Capturing the monumental momentum of the day is going to require hard choices, hard discussions, and many conversations.

Listen in on our group of experts – Lori Gentles, Jess Ponce III, Lauren Yee, Gary Ware, Erin Hourihan, and Michael Woudenberg – as they answer some hard questions and discuss what’s going well and the mistakes many companies are making.

Rona and Jeffrey join our experts sharing personal perspectives and real-life examples of how organizations are implementing DEI initiatives to drive positive change and explore the challenges and opportunities of DEI in the workplace and what each of us can contribute.

It will take more than watching ‘You People’ or ‘The Good Fight’ for DEI to succeed.