cut your expenses by evaluating your bills and removing unnecessary itemsPeople always tell you that you should save some money for a rainy day.  That can be easier said than done though when your budget is already stretched.  If you have a family you know how hard it can be to actually say no to your kids when you are completely aware that there is hundreds of dollars stashed away in a saving account.  Or if you have the choice of adding to your savings account or doing something special with your family you might have a hard time making that choice.  But there are ways to save money, even when you don’t think you have anything to save. With some planning and some thought you can save even when you think that you have nothing to save.  When the car breaks down or someone needs to go to the dentist at the last minute you’ll be glad that you made the effort.

Start by Re-evaluating

Everyone has expenses but not all of your expenses are absolutely necessary.  Are there any that you can get rid of or maybe change so that it costs less?  Can you change your living situation so that some of the expenses become unnecessary? Perhaps you could trade in a vehicle for one that has lower insurance rates and costs less to run.  Or maybe you could start watching television shows online on sites like Netflix and get rid of your cable bill.  The thing to remember is that most things in life have choice – it’s a matter of what choice you make and how important these “things” are to you.

Bring in Extra Income

If you have decided that you don’t want to give up any of the things you have and lower you expenses, perhaps you can bring in extra income.  It doesn’t have to be a second job. There are many ways that you can make extra casual income that you can dedicate towards savings. You could offer services online if you are good at making graphics, writing, or other technical talents.  You could offer a gig on doing something you enjoy, like making funny videos.  You could sell some of the items in your house that you no longer need, want, or use anymore but might have value for others.  These are just a few of the things you can two and if you dedicate just a couple hours a week to doing casual work, you can start putting money into your saving account.

Start Small

Saving can be hard and it can be very intimidating if you have to start with an amount that scares you.  But you don’t have to start big.  Start with a dollar amount that you know you can handle.  Increase it weekly or monthly by small amounts.  Over time, it will become more natural and you will hardly even notice the difference.]]>