live on less money here are 5 excellent ways for you to save money so that you can live a better life with your family.

1. Utilize Free Resources

There are so many free resources in the community, take the time to find them and utilize them.  Whether you get seriously involved in your local library, or you check to see if your town offers any free programs, you and your family can benefit from these services. Rent a movie, take out a book or take a class at your local library.  Most local library offer many free events. Check out your local malls that also may offer free events for you or your children.  Some malls offer entertainment such as beauty pageants or competitions.

2. Cut Back on Utility Bills

There is something about getting your entire family involved in cutting costs that truly makes it easy.  If your kids and your spouse know that you want to save money on your bills they will have fun being apart of it.  Tell them what you are currently paying, and ask them if they can help you cut it by a certain amount of money.  This will get everyone involved making sure the lights are off, and the thermostats are kept at the right temperature.  It also teaches your children to conserve for when they are older.

3. Clip Coupons

Learn the best way to clip coupons.  Using your coupons at the right time will help you save the most money. Reward programs are everywhere.  Check out your credit card’s reward offer as well as your supermarket or anywhere else you shop that might offer a reward program.  Get involved, and you could enjoy some excellent benefits!

4. Reduce Bank Fees

Be extremely careful that you aren’t being overcharged by your bank.  There are some banks that have free accounts and free maintenance.  If you are paying monthly to your bank, think about going to a different bank.  Credit card interest is best to be avoided at all costs.  Call your accounts and see if they are willing to lower your interest rates.

5. Cut Back on Expensive Habits

Ridding your life of expensive habits will put more money into your pockets.  Whether you are a cigarette smoker, cigar smoker, or wine drinker, you will see if you cut that out of your life you will feel better health wise as well as financially.  Even if, you just drink on the weekends, that is money you could be saving. Consider stopping it. These are just 5 terrific tips to get you started on saving money.  You will find the more money you save, the better you and your family can enjoy life.  Live stress free without any financial worries. If you have any other additions feel free to leave them in the comments.
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