Personal Capital iphone app (credit: itunes) Personal Capital iphone app (credit: itunes)[/caption] Today most people are out on the road or away from home.  Luckily most of us carry cell phones and would be lost without it.  If you own an Apple iPhone, you can track your spending and manage it with your iPhone   Here are some impressive applications to help you keep your finances under control.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital is a remarkably practical program to help you manage your finances.  You will be able to see all of your financial accounts such as your investment accounts, credit cards, and bank accounts from this application.  This will allow you the ability to see where your money is going.

Debt Minder

Debt Minder is a program for your iphone that will help you pay off your debt.  You can track all your significant purchases or loans.  Helping you create a personalized plan to help you figure out the best way to pay off your debt.  You will be able to visualize your debt by seeing it in a chart so that you can see where your money is being spent, and how you are handling your overall debt.   This is also perfect for helping you pay off your student loans.


Expensify is a popular financial program that can help you track all your expenses by syncing with your bank accounts, and credit cards.  You will be able to track your purchases, and even collect digital receipts from merchants.  You can store personal receipts by using your phone’s camera to take a picture of them.  You can organize all your expenses, categorize them, and send yourself an expense report.  This is an app that most people use for business expenses, but can be used for personal expenses also.  The potential this app has to manage, categorize, and simplify tracking your expenses is why it is immensely popular.

Gas Cubby

Making sure your car is well maintained is a large part of saving money.  If your car is not kept well, it will become a financial headache for you.  Gas Cubby will help you not only track your gas expenses, but also your car maintenance.  You can chart your mileage and see how your car is doing with gas per mile.  You can follow gas prices and find you the best deal locally.  You can set up reminder to remind you when your maintenance on your car is due.  Whether it’s changing oil, or rotating your tires.  This app will help you to save money in the long run. These are some of the best apps that you can get for your iPhone to help you track your expenses.  If you have an iPhone, take advantage of being able to track your spending. Do you use other apps to help you keep up with your finances? Leave them in the comments.]]>