Airline Always book your tickets 2-3 months ahead of departure to get the best deals for the days you would like to travel.  Last minute trips will hurt your pocketbook, and planning is key. Check out any connecting flight options as it can be a little less convenient you may be able to save yourself more money just by not booking a direct flight. The time of your flight may also weigh in on the price of your ticket.  Choose what they call a red-eye flight which is one that flies in the middle of the night, to get the best price.  These are usually the cheapest tickets and the most available.


Book your hotel early.  If you wait too long the price will rise. Consider booking an efficiency room so that you don’t have to always rely on restaurants.  Restaurants can be costly, and being able to eat in your room will help.  A quick trip to the supermarket when you arrive to purchase drinks, snacks, and easy meals will help to save you money in the long run.  Even if, you don’t want to cook every meal, one or two will still help to save money. Choosing a hotel near the destination will be less expensive.  Make sure you don’t go too far as transportation prices will increase.


Using public transportation while on your vacation will help you to save money.  If they have a metro, subway, or any other form of public transportation you will save a lot. Taxis? No! Taxis are one of the most expensive forms of transportation in most locations.  Most people use them while on vacation, but if you’d like to save money try another way of moving around. Check with your hotel, there could be shuttles offered to help you get around to different attractions. Some areas are famous for using a bike.  Check into renting a bicycle if that is something you would enjoy.


Everyone needs to eat while traveling, but with some planning you can save in this area of your vacation, too. Always check the menu before committing to eat at the restaurant.  Most restaurants will post their menu outside the door, but if they don’t just ask to see it.  With even better planning, you can view a restaurant’s menu online.  Steer away from the expensive restaurants. Check out deals.  Many places offer specials, and two for one deals.  Take advantage of these while traveling. Eating in your room, will help you save money.  Carry snacks with you so that you aren’t starving at meal times and you don’t make an impulsive choice of where to eat. These are just a few tips to help you save money while traveling.  Traveling doesn’t always need to be so expensive, and it is possible to thoroughly enjoy your vacation without spending a fortune. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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