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What is Your Play Personality?

You find out about the 9 play personalities and how you can use it to unlock joy and fulfillment in work and life!


Learn how to mine your play history to uncover dormant talents


The different ways that people like to play.


Challenge yourself and activiate your compass of joy.

Overall Happiness

Become the best version of yourself and focus on the thing that fire you up?

"Gary makes every exercise mean something related to improving work life.

- Nicholas Slettengren, Director of Marketing & Strategy

"Gary led the workshop with humor, inspiration, openness, and interaction."

- Emily Libby, Account Executive

". Everyone was high fiving, laughing, they acted as if they had been friends for years ."

- Katherine Humphus, Chef

Hi, I'm Gary Ware

Creativity is about solving problems. It is essential for people of all walks of life and careers to make time and space for play to acquire different perspectives, and angles. To play means to present ideas that are outside of the box, to let go, be free, and discover! How you play is up to you! The reason play is a necessary ingredient is because of the demands of becoming the best version of yourself. In order to create your best self, you have to put your play and creative time ahead of countless other things that feel urgent at the moment but aren't actually all that important. We are all consistently guilty of this. On the other end, if you focus on the wrong things, you leave gaps in your life that become broken. A flooded home, getting into a car accident while driving in tunnel vision, or even stepping into an elevator of a burning building. I've been there before and I help you make time to play, find leisure time, and defend your creative space because that planned and protected time will become one of your greatest allies!

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