“Challenge the status quo otherwise it’s insanity.”


Brian_Lee_headshotBrian had two major shifts in his career that have lead him from an “ordinary” career path to building a successful and growing PR business in Madison, Wisconsin.

We all know that at one point or the other, making a major shift has to happen in careers. It’s all about finding the RIGHT shift… We’ll talk about the ones Brian went through that propelled him to create his own company and reach the goals that he set for himself.

On top of that Brian has set himself up for success. Always looking for new opportunities not only in business but volunteering, networking, and mentorship. Building a strong base to grow off of is something we’ve seen over and over again on the Breakthrough Cocktail Podcast.


We Will Reveal

  • That being “late” or the “underdog” is something that can be overcome
  • What Brian did to find mentors to help him reach his goals.
  • The process Brian experienced when going through a shift in his career.
  • What Brian learned from getting heavily involved in local trade organizations.
  • The mindset change Brian went through before becoming an entrepreneur.
  • The art of distinguishing your resume.

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About Brian

Brian Lee, APR, is the president and founder of Revelation PR, Advertising & Social Media. He has been in the PR for more than a decade, previously working in sports PR for five years, including three years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Beyond athletics, he has worked at the Wisconsin State Journal, UW Health and Wisconsin Public Television. In Business Magazine named Brian to its “40 Under 40” list in 2012. Brian, who earned his Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) in 2011, owns the distinct privilege of serving as president of both the PR group (Public Relations Society of America) and advertising group (Ad 2 Madison) in town.


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